Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The Yummy Mummy Club Reviews ROOT BOUND!

Check out this lovely review of ROOT BOUND by guest reviewer Jay C. Spencer, guest posting for Wanda Lynne Young at the Yummy Mummy Club:

Jay writes:
"[F]rom the outset, I easily connected with the father as he struggled to make ends meet for himself and his young daughter—the main character, Emma Sheridan. I then gladly ran along with Emma, as she got magically pulled into what turns out to be a fanciful and destiny-filled journey."
(Click here to read the full review at The Yummy Mummy Club)

NOTE:  if you click through and leave a comment on the Yummy Mummy Club page before the end of day on February 8, 2013, you'll be automatically entered for a chance to win your own SIGNED copy of ROOT BOUND!

About Jay C. Spencer:
Jay C. Spencer is a writer, Visual Art teacher, music blogger, extremely tall husband, and a father to two amazing kids. You can check out his personal blog, Jay C. Spencer or the new blog, All The Write Notes. You can follow Jay C. Spencer on Twitter: @SpencerToday and find him @TheWriteNotes.

About Wanda Lynne Young:
Wanda Lynne Young runs the very popular Bookalicious blog at The Yummy Mummy Club. She is a freelance writer, autism advocate/activist, multitasking wife and mother to two sons and two cats. She is a regular contributor to magazines, e-zines and web newspapers. Follow Wanda Lynne on Twitter: @YMCbookalicious

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