Frequently Asked Questions 

For Readers:

Q: How Can I Reach the Author? 
A: Drop me a line on our Contact Page. I do my best to reply to as many emails as I can, but please be patient. Sometimes life happens. 

Q: My child loves Root Bound. How can they submit a review to be featured on your Kids' Reviews page? 
A: You can post your child's review in the comment box on our Contact Us page. If the review is too long, or if you'd like to send us scans of your child's artwork, use the Contact page to let us know. Be sure to include your email address so we can send you submission details. Please note that we may have to edit the review for space, and due to space and time considerations, not all reviews and art images can be posted on the site.

Q: I love Root Bound, too. How can I submit a review to be featured on your Adults' Reviews page? 
A: You can post your comments or review in the comment box on our Contact Us page. And we encourage everyone who really likes the book to post a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads, too.  Those positive reviews really make a difference!  Of course, if you didn't like the book, we'd much prefer to you let us know privately.  Otherwise, we just might have to sic the green-faced googily bears on you.

For Bloggers/Reviewers:

Q: I would like to review Root Bound.  How can I obtain a review copy?
A: If you are an established book reviewer, or if you are a general blogger with a significant following (you know who you are), drop us a line with your request.  Be sure to include your name, your blog's name, your blog's URL, and tell us why Root Bound fits in your blog theme.  We prefer sending eBooks (usually Smashwords or Amazon passes), but have some budget to for print versions.  Please specify which you require.

If you are a general blogger with a smaller following, or if the book doesn't clearly fit in your subject mix, please be sure to give us some idea of what you hope to do with your review.  We'll have a limited number of eBook passes available each month, so if we can't accommodate your request right away, we'll get you on the waiting list for the first available batch.

Q: I reviewed Root Bound on my blog or news site.  How can I get a link to my blog post included in your list?
A: Just let us know. We'll need the name of your publication and the link to the blog post.  Let us know if we're allowed to publish excerpts to our site and/or the Emma & the Elementals Facebook Page.  Thanks for reading Root Bound!

For Libraries/Booksellers:

Q: I would like to order hard cover copies of Root Bound for my library.  Are they available?
A: Please detail your request here.  We may be able to accommodate you, but please allow 4-6 weeks for processing.

Q: I am a bookseller and would like to order multiple copies of Root Bound for my store. Can I get a bulk discount?  
A: Yes.  We offer discounts on bulk book orders placed directly through this site. Discounts start at 10 copies and increase with order size. You may also specify if you'd like your books signed, when you purchase direct. Please inquire for details.