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What Kids Say About Root Bound

"Root Bound is one of my favorite books and I have read LOTS!!! I can really connect with the character, Emma and not just because my name is Emma. While I was reading the book I saw that the next book "Water Works" is in the making I will simply DIE if I do not get that book!! The book is great I have recommended it to almost everyone I know. My favorite character ( besides Emma ) is either Piers or tiny Mat. I love how Piers is sooooooooooooo obsessed with his breakfast, and how Mat thinks he is so much better then everyone else. Root Bound is an amazing book and I hope that everyone who reads it  loves it as much as I do."
 -Emma P., Age 9 (USA)

"I just finished your book.  It was great!  Totally bodacious.  I specially liked how the Basement Brownies were called Basement Brownie and how there was an Under and an Over.  I liked how the houses had roots that and could sneeze. I also found it interesting that everyone had a counterpart.  It was interesting how the skinny Brownie "Piers"  was obsessed with food when you would think a fat brownie would be obsessed with food.  It must be hard when the name of your species is a food.   It was a fun read.  I think other kids would like it too."
-Sal, Age 12 (USA)

-A video review from Clare, Age 9 (Canada)

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