Tuesday, 26 February 2013


The Blog Tour is now over, but the book giveaway runs until March 5th, so there's still time to enter for a chance to win a SIGNED copy of ROOT BOUND! I'd like to thank all of the fantastic and dedicated reviewers who took time out of their busy lives to read and review my little book.  Please be sure to visit them all, not only to show your support for their hard work, but also to increase your chances of winning.


To recap the tour, here are links to all of the week's reviews:

-ROOT BOUND was a fast paced novel perfect for middle grades audiences. 
Katie at Inkk Reviews

-ROOT BOUND is a great coming of age story with lots of fun and light hearted adventure
Cindy at oodles of books

-Are you looking for a funny and easy fantasy novel? This is a story for you.
Maja at The Rambling Readerista

-It's a light Middle Grade read filled with magic, adventure and all kinds of cute!
Isabel from Sab the Book Eater

-Overall, I think it was a fantastically fun, entertaining and enjoyable read.
Sandy at Magical Manuscripts

-This was such a good YA Fantasy. This is a really quick read and the story flows.
TammyAnn at Oh, The Books You'll Read

-This is a wonderful book! I am definitely going to share this book to my students at work.
Josie at Josie's Haven

-The fantasy in the novel was very vibrant and fun.
Christina from Intoxicated by Books

-Overall, this was a great story especially for kids.
Ashley at Paranormal Sisters

Read an excerpt from ROOT BOUND!
Star at Reading to the Stars and Back

-I’m definitely curious about what’s next for Emma and her friends!
Merin at Read and Reviewed

-Something I think would be extremely delightful for younger children.
Grace at Lust For Books

-An easy and enjoyable entry into a series that everyone will enjoy especially young readers.
Mary Grace at The Solitary Bookworm

-It is great for young adults and fits in with the science fiction world of today

Vicjbr at Deal Sharing Aunt

Read an excerpt from ROOT BOUND!
Tiffany at Reviews a la Tiffany

-The language and techniques in this book takes take of every single little detail of actions, characters and the setting.
Angela at Framed into Words

-I really did love ROOT BOUND  and I'm actually really, really looking forward to see what the next book brings to the table.
Annabelle Marie at Sparkles and Lightning

-I have read a decent amount of fantasy novels in my life and this is by far one of the most original books I have ever read. 
Scott Pilgrim at Scott Reads It

-One of the things I did like early on in the book was Emma's introduction to the brownies. 

Jessie at Jessie's Book Place

-Throughout the novel, I loved the details described in the world, the author’s language, and, of course, the different creatures that you get to meet!
Rachel-Madison at Moosubi Reviews

-This is such a fantastical read for all you fairy tale lovers! I even got my daughter to read this story and she loved it!

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