Friday, 21 June 2013

ROOT BOUND Blog Tour Recap

Thanks so much to Enchanted Book Promotions for arranging this tour. I apologize for not posting more updates on the blog (seriously, where did the time go?), but I've been trying to keep Facebook up-to-date. That said, here's a recap of the tour. A million bazillion thanks to all the bloggers who participated. You're the best. Seriously.

Character Interview:

For the first time ever, one of the characters from ROOT BOUND comes forward to tell their side of the story. Read all about it at:

The Single Librarian

Author Interviews:

Want to learn more about ROOT BOUND and how it came to be? Check out these pages:

ROOT BOUND Book Reviews:

Mira at Forever Book Lover has written a glowing review of ROOT BOUND. She says:

This book was amazing. It is, without a doubt, the best book I've read all year, and I've read a series of excellent books so far.Rating 10/10 
Read the Review at Forever Book Lover.

Mindy Wall at Books, Books and More Books says:
This is a charming book filled with humorous characters with normal flaws that learn how to work together to fix that which is broken. It is a great book for children, especially girls, in elementary school or middle grades. It’s also got enough charm for adults who are reading along.

Read the Review at Books, Books and More Books

Majanka at I Heart Reading:
The author has a great writing style, and she managed to take Greek mythology and combine it with other classic elements to come up with a pleasant, original story I for one thoroughly enjoyed. The story is very imaginative, the characters are well-developed (including the Brownies) and there’s an obvious humorous undertone.

Read the Review at I Heart Reading

Cassidy Crimson's Blog:
The plot was fast-paced, intriguing and great for plenty of enjoyment. An excellent read.

Read the Review at Cassidy Crimson’s Blog

Deal Sharing Aunt says:

I thought that this was a very interesting book. It is great for young adults and fits in with the science fiction world of today "
4.5/5 Stars. 

Read the Review at Deal Sharing Aunt

I'm an Eclectic Reader:
Root Bound was a delight to read. The story is intriguing, fun and original.
Read the Review at I’m an Eclectic Reader

Elise at The Single Librarian:
This story was imaginative and fun. Emma makes a great heroine. [...] This book is ideal for fantasy fans of all ages. Even adults will enjoy this quirky read!

Read the Review at The Single Librarian

You'll find ROOT BOUND Book Excerpts at:


I’m an Eclectic Reader
365 Days of Reading

Thanks again to everyone who participated. As always, you can find ROOT BOUND for sale most online book retailers or for loan at some public libraries.

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